"Dunărea de Jos" University of Galati

Visiting Student status is typically intended for undergraduate students taking a year abroad. A visiting student is a foreign student who, during his current studies at the University where he/she is registered (home University), decides to attend lectures/sustain a certain number of exams in another university (host University).

· There is no need for the two (home and host) Universities to have a previous Bilateral Agreement concluded;
· The period of study may be of one semester and up to one year;
· Upon completion of the studies in the host University no degree/diploma is offered;
· A free mover is not compelled to attend a whole educational cycle (bachelor, master, and doctorate);
· Visiting students are not granted scholarships from the host University;
· They will pay a fee as decided by the host University Senate;
· They are enrolled as temporary students.

1. Application form;
2. A document issued by the university where the student is registered stating the student status and the year of study;
3. Transcript of records translated in Romanian; 
4. Copy of the identity card/passport;
5. Medical certificate.
6. Learning (scan) - upon your arrival please bring 3 original copies of your learning agreement, signed at your university. You will find attached an exemplary of learning.
The deadline for submitting the documents for the academic year 2017-2018 is 1st of August 2017.

Students who have received the acceptance letter from “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati, as visiting students (free movers) have the obligation to present the following documents:  
1. Learning agreement in 3 original copies. The agreement has to be signed by you on each page, must include your identification data, the period that you wish to study in Romania, the subject matters that you wish to study, the identification codes for these subject matters, the signature of the person responsible with your mobility (mobility tutor) as well as the signature of the management of the institution (sending institution). 
2. Transcript of records – must be translated in Romanian upon your arrival. 
3. The instruction language for all lectures, laboratories and seminars will be Romanian.
The academic year starts at 1st of October 2017. Between 1st October and 1st November all students have the possibility to modify the learning agreement in order to choose other subjects that they wish to study (by filling in the change document). 
All students have the obligation to participate in all practical classes/laboratories/seminars as well as to the mandatory lectures. 
4. Students can choose only the subjects matters taught in the academic year or semester they have opted for. 
After passing the exams, the faculty will issue a transcript of records in order to certify the study period (transcript of records). 
The transcript of records will be issued by the faculty secretariat within 30 days after the exam session is over.