A. What is a visiting student?
A visiting student is a foreign student who, during his/ her current studies at the university where he/she is registered (home university), chooses to attend certain courses and take the courses exams, in another university (host university) for a semester up to an entire academic year without receiving a diploma.
There is no need for the two universities (home and host) to have previous bilateral agreements.
The visiting student – “free mover”:
  • does not receive scholarship from the host university;
  • is enrolled as a temporary student (visiting student);
  • pays tuiton fees, equal to the amount of fees set for 1st year Romanian students.
B. Enrollment procedure   
The documents required for enrolment are the following:
  • Application form;
  • A document issued by the university where the student is registered proving the student status and the year of study;
  • Transcript of Records translated in Romanian;
  • Copy of the identity card;
  • Medical certificate;
  • Copy of the Learning Agreement: 3 (three) original copies will be brought by the student when he/ she will sign the study contract in which the courses, that he/ she wishes to study as a visiting student, will be mentioned. The Learning Agreement has to be signed by the student on each page (name, surname and signature). The minimum number of credits per academic year cannot be less than 60 and per semester, less than 30.
The required documents will be sent by e-mail to the International Affairs Department before de 1st of August, for the first semester or for the entire academic year and before de 1st of February for the second semester.
The International Affairs Department will hand in the candidates documents to the faculties that they have chosen. After the documents have been checked and after receving the answer from the faculties, an acceptance letter will be issued, signed by the head of the International Affairs Department.
The acceptance letter will be sent to the student by e-mail (scanned version).
At the beginning of the academic year, the students will fill in a study contract and will bring the 3 (three) original copies of the Learning Agreement as well as the Transcript of Records translated in Romanian. After being checked, signed and sealed, the representatives of the Secretariat of the chosen faculty will keep a copy, while the other two will be given back to the student (one for the student and one for the home university).
The academic year starts on the 1st of October. Between the 1st of October and the 1st of November all students have the possibility to modify the Learning Agreement in order to choose other subjects that they wish to study (by filling in the change document).
Students have the obligation to participate in all practical classes/laboratories/seminars as well as to the mandatory lectures.
A mentor is assigned for each specialization and at the beginning of every year a meeting is organised with the purpose of clarifying the students concerns and explaining the traditional study methods.
Students can choose only the subjects matters taught in the academic year or semester they have opted for. After passing the exams, the faculty will issue a Transcript of Records in order to certify the study period. The transcript of records will be issued by the faculty secretariat within 30 days after the exam session is over. 
The teaching staff is bounded to sign and seal a document that certifies the students participation at practical courses which will act as proof for the home university.
The terms for paying the tuiton fees are:
  • Visiting students who study in the first semester will pay half of the tuiton fees for the 1st year between 1 – 17 October.
  • Visiting students who study in the second semester will pay half of the tuiton fees for the 1st year between 1 – 20 March.
  • Visiting students who study for an entire academic year will pay the tuiton fees for the 1st year in two instalments in the above mentioned periods.
Visiting students can be housed in the student housing, according to the available places and with additional fees.