The University campus manages hotels/dormitories for married and unmarried students.
EU and non EU students: 150 Euro/double room
Rep Moldova: free accommodation granted to scholarship students
The accommodation rooms, the canteen and the leisure spaces, found under the patrimony of “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati are composed of 9 dormitories, 3 canteens-restaurants, a student chapel, 2 gyms and 1 medical centre. All the facilities are divided in 3 university campuses: “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, “22 Decembrie”, “Ştiinţei”.
Situated in the East part of Galati , “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” student campus is one of the most stylish university campuses in the country.
The International Relations Office provides information and guidance on a range of issues including ways to deal with any problems that students might encounter over accommodation choices, special needs, existing accommodation difficulties, accommodation for students with families and on temporary accommodation, including provision available outside semester time.