"Dunărea de Jos" University of Galati

Romanian currency is Leu (1€ = approximately 4.3 Lei). Prices differ from one part of Romania to another, but Galati is a very affordable place to live in. You can get a hilarious cheap meal and a desert for only 10 Lei, and for 7 Lei you can get the hugest shaorma ever. Of course, you have to know such places because not everywhere is that cheap. Also you can cook by yourself. Prices in supermarkets aren’t high, especially comparing to Bucharest. Moreover supermarkets or local stores where you can buy fresh baked bread are everywhere. You can also get traditional meals in Chinese, Italian or French restaurants, bur the prices are almost double. Nonetheless if you’ll get bored of restaurant and home cooking, you can go and buy yourself something at MacDonald's or KFC.

Taxis are also cheap, with a regular fare of 1.39 lei/km. You can get almost everywhere for just 10 lei. Divide it between three-four people and pay even less. Tickets for bus, trolleybus or tram cost 1.5 Lei. Of course if you want to save some money, you can take a walk on the beautiful streets of the old town leading to your university.

Choosing accommodation can be easy for you. Price varies from one place to another, but it is possible to rent a nice double room apartment in the old part of the town just for 230 lei. By the way, old city is concentrated on the Danube riverside which is a very nice place to refresh yourself with traditional drinks and snacks or just take a walk on the promenade.

Banks and exchange offices can be found everywhere. As a rule, exchange rates will be better outside shopping malls. Be prepared to show your ID card as it is often demanded. In Galati you can find international banks such as BRD, Pireus Bank, Raiffaisen Bank, ING and also a lot of Romanian banks. MoneyGram and Western Union are in business almost everywhere.

As for shopping malls, there are enough of them. You can also find famous brands and souvenirs .

Just check it out yourself!

A typical student budget for one month in Galati (€/month) min max
Tuition fees 220 320
Study materials (books, chemicals etc.) 10 25
Field trips up to 10
Rent 85 200
Food (incl. student restaurant) 10 25
Public transport 5 25
Summary 365 625

! Please note that the above list does not include personal expenses for clothing, phone bills, hygiene articles, leisure, etc. It's up to you!