"Dunărea de Jos" University of Galati

Visiting Student status is typically intended for undergraduate students taking a year abroad. A visiting student is a foreign student who, during his current studies at the University where he/she is registered (home University), decides to attend lectures/sustain a certain number of exams in another university (host University).

· There is no need for the two (home and host) Universities to have a previous Bilateral Agreement concluded;
· The period of study may be of one semester and up to one year;
· Upon completion of the studies in the host University no degree/diploma is offered;
· A free mover is not compelled to attend a whole educational cycle (bachelor, master, and doctorate);
· Visiting students are not granted scholarships from the host University;
· They will pay a fee as decided by the host University Senate;
· They are enrolled as temporary students.

1. Application form;
2. A document issued by the university where the student is registered stating the student status and the year of study;
3. Transcript of records translated in Romanian; 
4. Copy of the identity card/passport;
5. Medical certificate.