"Dunărea de Jos" University of Galati



  Address:  Strada Domnească nr. 47, sala U106, Cod 800008, Galați - ROMÂNIA
  Phone: 0756 163 672
  E-mail:  erasmus @ugal.ro

Useful guidelines for studying in Galati
Please send the online application form to our Erasmus office and your printed Application Form duly signed and stamped by your coordinator before June 15th.
Students applying for the second term have to send online the Application Form and the printed Application Form before December 15th.

Applications that are not stamped and signed by your coordinator are not accepted.
A grade transcript of the previous academic years, translated into Romanian and certified, should also be provided.
Subscribe a health insurance in your home country.
Accommodation may be provided in the students dormitories in single or double rooms against payment, subject to availability.
Students usually prefer sharing a flat in town for a monthly rent.
The Erasmus office is the link between yourself and your department coordinator who is responsible for academic counselling and supervision of your studies.

When coming to Galati:
Get in touch with your coordinator to check the timetable!
Try to reach Galati within reasonable hours (not midnight or early morning) so we may attend you properly!
Remember the staff of the University is not available during weekends (Saturday and Sunday)!
Get in touch with the Erasmus office to register and give your address in Galati!
Please inform the Erasmus office of any change that may occur during your stay in Galati (address, emails, phone number)!
Check your email inbox regularly as you may receive important notifications!
Needless to say you are invited to contact us whenever you have doubts or problems!

Upon leaving Galati: You should inform your coordinator and the Erasmus office that you are leaving