No. Faculty Master’s Field of Study Master’s Programme of Study Schooling
1. Engineering Industrial Engineering Integrated Fabrication Systems Engineering  
Industrial Engineering Quality Management
Graphics and Computer Assisted Modelling
Mechanical Engineering Modelling and Simulation in Mechanical Engineering 100
Thermal and Environmental Protection Systems and Equipment
Materials Engineering Nanotechnologies and Multifunctional Materials  100
Advanced Materials and Innovative Technologies
Environmental Engineering Environmental Quality and Sustainable Development  50
TOTAL   400
2. Food Science and Engineering Food Products Engineering Food Control, Expertise and Safety 200
Food Science and Engineering
Science and Engineering of Aquatic Bio-Resources
Engineering and Management Engineering and Management in Public Food and Agro-Tourism  50
Applied Engineering Sciences Natural Resources Biotechnology 50
Environmental Sciences Environmental Quality Control and Expertise 50
TOTAL   350
3.  Automation, Computer Sciences and Electronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Efficient Use of Energy and of Regenerable Sources  
Power Electronics and Advanced Conversion Systems
Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications Information Processing for Multimedia Applications 50
Advanced Electronic Systems
Computers and Information Technology Advanced Informatics Technologies  100
Intelligent Systems
Systems Engineering Advanced Leading Informatics Systems 50
TOTAL   300
4. Physical Education and Sports Sports Science and Physical Education Physiotherapy at Home  
School Physical Education and Sports Management
Management Educational Management 50
TOTAL   150
5. Letters Philology Identity, Interculturality and Multiculturality in European and Romanian Literature 50
Communication Sciences Communication and Mass-Media Production Techniques 50
TOTAL   100
6. Sciences and Environment Environmental Engineering Environment Monitoring and Management 50
Mathematics Didactic Mathematics 50
TOTAL   100
7. History, Philosophy and Theology History Romanian Territory Between the east and the West 50
Philosophy Social Philosophy. Theory and Practice of Solving Conflicts 50
Theology History and Philokalia Spirituality 50
Orthodox Spirituality and Social Assistance
TOTAL   150
8. Engineering and Agronomy in Braila Environmental Engineering Environment Protection and Engineering 50
Mechanical Engineering Computer Assisted Analysis of Machines Dynamics and Technological Equipment 50
TOTAL   100
9. Economics and Business Administration Accounting Accounting and Audit 50
Economics and International Business International Business Administration 50
Finances Banking and Financial Management 50
Management Managerial Strategies and Policies 50
Marketing Marketing and Business Communication 50
Informatics in Economy Informatics Systems for Resources Management 50
Economy Rural and Regional Development 50
TOTAL   350
10. Social Political and Legal Sciences Law Penal Sciences and Criminalistics 70
Judicial Career
Administrative Sciences Public Administration and European integration 50
TOTAL   120
11. Arts Theatre and Performing Arts Musical Theatre 20
Music Theory and Practice of Lyric Show 15
TOTAL   35